Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction

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Spiritual Direction 101

Clearing Committee


tMost programs can be custom-tailored to meet the needs of your spiritual community.  We have a group of Christian spiritual leaders committed to the fullness of the kingdom of God who embrace the multidenominational spirit of the church.  We can help you find a leader for your next spiritual life program.

Fees vary per leader.  Materials, accommodations, and supplies are additional.  Sample rates:

2-to-3 Hour Programs       Half-Day                      Full-Day                       Multi-Day

$100-$200                        $200-$300                  $300-$500                  $500+

Please contact SMI for suggestions, or you may contact our leaders listed below:

SMI Phone 469-708-9208         communityprograms@spiritualministriesinstitute.org

Diana Beaudry                         972-977-4868

Spiritual Director      dianabeaudry@me.com

Journeying Through Life Transitions: The Story of Ruth and Naomi; Adversity as the Door to Life's Greatest Gifts: The Story of Joseph; Prayer Ways; Enjoying a Deeper Prayer Life; Holy Week Retreat: At the Foot of the Cross

Dorothy Castle                        214-521-4724

Spiritual Director  dorothy@unleashyourblessings.com

Eunice Cheshire                       214-205-6116

Founder and Spiritual Director    echeshire@verizon.net

Spiritual Direction; Lent: Less is More; Praying in the Midst of Life; What About Martha?: Praying with Pentecost; Rediscovering the Wisdom of a Child; The Spirituality of Friendship

Debra Cook                              214-728-0478

Catechist and Facilitator for Circles of Trust


Images of God (2 hr.); Why Did Jesus Come (2-hr.); Inner Work Using the Evolutionary Spirituality Principles of Teilhard to Chardin (multi-session)

Nancy Dunkerley                    214-908-0229

Founder and Spiritual Director  nkdunk@tx.rr.com

Spirituality of Play; Whole Brain Prayer; Ignatian Spirituality and Prayer; Prayerfully Attending to Inner Healing

Donnie Hawley                       214-418-1816

Spiritual Director      dhawley5@verizon.net

Regina Hunt                             214-448-4366

Spiritual Director , CLP PCUSA 


Gratitude; Making Space for God; Heart Whispers; Lament Prayer: Praying Psalms of Lament; Desert Spirituality; When the Heart Waits; God's Action in the Darkness; Addicted to Hurry-Prayers in the Midst of our Busyness; Grief and Loss

Nancy Jagmin                           972-841-2883

Spiritual Director and Facilitator


Praying the Labyrinth, Enneagram and MBTI: contemplative tools for personal self-awareness and assessments for spiritual development

Amy Moore                              214-952-6004

Spiritual Director, M.Div. amywmoore@mac.com

Bonnie Oden                            972-467-9417

Spiritual Director  and Photographer


Seeing the Holy Through a New Lens

Rev. Lee Self                            214-533-7351

Founder, Spiritual Director, Silent Retreats


Day and Weekend Silent Retreats; Holy Humor; Rest, Relax, Renew; Avenues to God: Exploring Types of Prayer

Rev. Lil Smith                           214-543-9833

Spiritual Director, DASD, PCUSA


Spirituality for the Caregiver; Spiritual Foundations; Spiritual Direction; Seasonal Studies following the church calendar; Starting a Spiritual Support Group; Contemplative Prayer; Guided Meditation and Prayer; Spiritual Formation 101; Loving the Bullied and the Bullier

Spiritual Speakers & Programs

bringing formational studies to your spiritual community

Spiritual Care

Desert Spirituality

Grief and Loss

Finding Your Authentic Self

Making Space for God

Holy Humor

Spirituality for the Caregiver

Light in the Darkness

When the Heart Waits

Seeing the Holy Through a New Lens

Spiritual Leadership

Committee Workshops

Individual Discernment

Group Discernment


Moving Beyond Stuck

Creating Change with Family Systems

Workshops and Retreats

Silent Retreats

Prayer Retreats

Women's Retreats

Spirituality of Play

Whole Brain Prayer

What About Martha



Advent Silent Retreat

Journeying with Mary

Advent Expectancy

Lenten Journey

40 Days of Prayer

Praying with Pentecost


Ignatian Prayer

Praying in the Midst of Life

Generational Prayer

Praying the Psalms

Praying the Labyrinth


Lectio Divina

New Ways to Pray with Scripture

Contemplative Prayer

Lenten Journey:

a meditation experience created by Spiritual Ministries Institute

This prayer experience offers a series of private meditations based on the Seven Last Words of Jesus from the cross.  It is set up for you at the locations and times below to come and go at your convenience.

Training Dates for Lent 2018 will be announced in the fall.  If you are interesting in brining Lenten Journey to your church, please send us an email.  We will make sure to send you information about upcoming training dates.

Call for more information: 469-708-9208